Top tips for tree decorating and styling your living room


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Top tips for tree decorating and styling your living room

Whether you’re expecting a houseful of guests this Christmas or planning a few days alone with your family, the chances are you’ll be decorating a tree. This should be an enjoyable afternoon’s activity, with a beautifully decorated tree to show for it. In this newsletter we share our top tips to help get you started.
With a few days away from work and with winter in full swing, you’ll also want your sitting room to feel warm and cosy as well as festive. Perhaps a scented candle or two, a bowl full of fir cones or a swathe of ivy; there are several ways to achieve this. Read on for more ideas.
Our top tree decorating tips for you

It’s an exciting time of year. Tree decorations are filling the shelves and there’s always a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes to choose from. The tree is the central point of your decorations and there are no hard and fast rules about what you put on it. I’ve seen trees decorated using only fabric hearts and others with a complete mixture of colours and shapes, each had its own merits. Whether you want to use old family treasures, start completely from scratch or add a few new things, here are some pointers that I come back to each year;

Decide on a colour scheme as you’re less likely to get in a muddle. A red scheme could use red ribbons, red berries, red baubles and garlands of red beads. The baubles could be a uniform size or a mix of sizes; it doesn’t really matter as long as you achieve a balance. The ribbon could be plain or it could be striped or spotted for added interest. If your theme this year is silver then follow the above adding a few delicate glass droplets to catch the light.

You might like to be minimalist and use just large beautiful baubles in toning colours. Or you might like to achieve a Scandinavian look by using painted wooden decorations in distinctive seasonal shapes. For the best results, stick to the scheme you decide on. Next, look through your boxes of decorations and pick out what will work with your thoughts. Then shop for the missing pieces, the more the merrier. That’s the exciting part!

Decorate in the right order

When decorating your tree put the lights on first, then garlands and then ornaments.
Arrange the lights from the base of your tree and work upwards weaving from the inside to the outside edges of the branches. Turn the lights on, step back and see if you’ve got it right.

Ornaments should be hung on the inside of the branches as well as the outside of the branches to give your tree depth. Add as many as you like, as long as they are placed evenly around the tree to create a balanced look. You could start with basic baubles, in the colour scheme you have decided on this year, and mix your special decorations in between. Keep stepping back to check that the ornaments are evenly spaced from top to toe and all around.
Whether you have a star or an angel, it’s traditional to top your tree. If you’re lucky enough to have something special that has been in the family for years then using it is a must. If not, there are plenty of lovely options to choose from.
Then pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, switch on the tree lights and enjoy.

Dressing your sitting room for the Christmas season

The sitting room is generally the place where families gather at Christmas time to unwrap presents, play games, pass round the chocolates and curl up at the end of the day in the soft light of the tree. By following a few simple steps you can create a lovely festive atmosphere in this room. You’ll find lots of lovely soft furnishings, accessories and decorative items at Rooms with a View to help you do just that.

We suggest extending the theme of your Christmas tree into the room. For a traditional look drape foliage, either fresh or fake, along the top of your fire surround.  Weave pretty fairy lights within it or hang baubles from it using ribbon to match your colour scheme.
Large wooden stars look eye-catching hung against a plain wall or in the window. Use invisible twine or a ribbon to extend your colour theme. You’ll also find other wooden shaped decorations at Rooms with a View, all painted in neutral tones that really are beautifully made.

Replace bright lights with more mellow lighting to keep the atmosphere relaxed. Candles will provide a soft glow and the scented ones will fill your room with a gentle aroma. We have a choice of tea light holders that look beautiful grouped together, as well as individual candles that smell wonderful.

Nature provides us with seasonal accessories for your sitting room too, and there’s something special about gathering them from the countryside. For example try filling a favourite bowl with fallen fir cones; wind freshly picked ivy around a wreath and hang it on the inside of your sitting room door or fill a vase or a metal bucket with sprigs of holly.

Dot other seasonal ornaments around the room, from much loved ones that come out every year, to newly added ones that none of us can resist buying each festive season.
To create a feeling of warmth and cosiness try adding a throw or two on each sofa. Choose from deep berry colours that look great at this time of year, or natural stone and grey tones that work well with most colour schemes. We have a selection of these, all sumptuous and made in Britain. Changing other soft furnishings for the winter season, such as cushions and lampshades, will change the atmosphere of a room too, leaving you feeling nice and snug.

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